The Foundation gives two types of grants: mandatory and discretionary.

Mandatory grants

There are two mandatory grants required by the Act, one to Legal Aid Manitoba and another to the Law Society of Manitoba. The amounts of these grants are set out in a formula in the statute which varies based on the amount of IOLTA revenue the Foundation receives in the year. The grant to Legal Aid is to be used for its general purposes, and the grant to the Law Society is for educational purposes and for “the expense incurred in ensuring compliance by members of The Law Society with the trust accounting provisions of the Act affecting the Foundation”.

Discretionary grants

The Foundation may approve grants to organizations whose projects or programs are in line with the objects of the Foundation as described in the legislation. Organizations may apply for grants using the application forms as required by the Foundation. The Board will consider applications at its regularly scheduled meetings, and has the final discretion whether to approve an application or decline it.

There are three types of discretionary grant applications:

  • Core or Sustaining grants
  • Project grants
  • Small Grants Program grants

For further information about granting and the application process, please refer to the “How to Apply” section of the website. For examples of the types of projects and programs which have been funded by the Foundation, please refer to the “Grants Awarded” section of the website.

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