Discretionary Granting

Discretionary Grants

The Foundation maintains three discretionary grant programs.

The Foundation has the discretion to approve grants for projects or programs that align with the purposes of the Foundation which are to encourage and promote legal education, legal research, legal aid services, law reform and the development and maintenance of law libraries.

Grant applications may be made to the Foundation using the required application forms, available by contacting the Foundation. The Board considers discretionary grant applications at its regularly scheduled meetings and has final discretion as to whether to approve an application, in whole or in part or to decline it.

Currently, there are three types of discretionary grants programs maintained by the Foundation:

i. Core Operating Grant Program – This program provides general operating funds to organizations that have an established track record with the Foundation through successful completion of a number of project and/or small grants. Core Operating grants are reviewed annually and there is no guarantee of continued funding for subsequent years.

ii. Small Grants Program – This program is intended to support small, one-time distinct projects of up to one-year in duration that provide an end product or service or result that is sustainable without further Foundation funding. Grant requests for consideration in the Small Grants Program must be $20,000 or less.

iii. Project Grants Program – This program is intended to support finite projects that do not fall within the parameters of the Small Grants Program, whether in terms of duration or value of the grant request.

Note: Discretionary grants are normally made for a term of one year. However, the Foundation may consider a multi-year application to the Project Grant Program where the nature of the project is best served by a longer-term commitment. Any multi-year funding will be subject to the Foundation continuing to have sufficient resources to fulfill the grant. 

Information about our granting and application processes can be found in How to Apply and examples of the types of projects and program funded by the Foundation are found in Recent Granting.