How to Apply for a Discretionary Grant

Steps to Apply for a Discretionary Grant

  1. Contact the Foundation to discuss your proposal and obtain the necessary application package.  All applications must be in the format required by the Foundation. Along with the application forms, prospective applicants will also receive a summary of the information to be included with the application.
  2. Draft your application. Make sure you have included all the information required. If you have questions during this step of the process, the Foundation’s Executive Director can answer them and provide feedback on the draft application.
  3. Submit the application by email, in PDF format, by the required deadline (see below) to:
  4. Upon receipt of an application, the Executive Director will review it to confirm it is complete. If any additional information is required, you will be given the opportunity to submit it before the application is considered by the Board.
  5. Once submitted and complete, the Board will consider applications at a regularly scheduled board meeting (see below).
  6. The Manitoba Law Foundation Board makes the final decision on all grant applications.
  7. Foundation staff will advise of the decision reached by the Board.

Discretionary Grant Options and Deadlines

The Foundation has three types of discretionary grant applications:

  1. Core or Sustaining Grants
  2. Project Grants
  3. Small Grants

Applications for Core or Sustaining Grants and Project Grants must be submitted by October 1 of each year. These are considered by the Board at their December meeting.

Applications for Small Grants may be submitted twice annually for consideration as follows:

  • March 31 for consideration at the Board’s June meeting; or
  • October 31, for consideration at the Board’s December meeting.

Small Grants support small, one-time, distinct law-related projects. To qualify as a Small Grant, a project must:

  • have a total budget of up to but not exceeding $20,000;
  • be of no more than one year in duration;
  • fall within one or more of the Foundation’s objectives; and
  • not be a continuing program.

Projects that do not meet these criteria but that fall within the Foundation’s statutory objectives may qualify for funding as a Project Grant.

If a grant is approved, grant recipients confirm their obligations by signing a Grant Agreement in a form determined by the Foundation. Grants can only be spent as specified in the Grant Agreement. Any variation from this must be requested in writing and approved by the Foundation. Funds not spent according to the Grant Agreement must be refunded to the Foundation.

Projects and programs funded are generally for activities within the province of Manitoba; however, funding for projects or programs outside of the province may be provided in unique situations where the work is also supported by other Canadian law foundations and is of national benefit or significance.

For additional information on our discretionary granting, review the Granting Policy or contact the Foundation’s Executive Director.