Information for Grant Recipients

Grant Agreements

If a grant is approved, grant recipients confirm their obligations by signing a Grant Agreement in a form determined by the Foundation. Grant funds can only be spent as specified in the Grant Agreement.

Significant Changes to Funded Project/Program

If you are contemplating significant changes in project or program staffing, organizational leadership, scheduling, or budgeting, you are required to notify the Foundation promptly when such changes occur during the grant period.

Significant changes that will require advance written approval to modify grant terms include, but are not limited to:

  • An extension of the grant period is required;
  • Budget revisions where:
    • budget lines are reallocated; or
    • new budget line items need to be added or deleted from the existing approved budget; or
    • where there is a significant change to any individual or collective amount allocated to salaries, remuneration or stipends;
  • Material changes to the activities or deliverables that were set out in the approved grant application; and/or,
  • There is a change in applicant leadership or other key staff instrumental to the success of program or project.

Funds not Spent

If a grant recipient has any surplus grant funds at the end of a grant term, those funds must be returned to the Foundation unless otherwise authorized by the Board.  The amount may be prorated where the Foundation is not the sole funder of the project or program.